counseling a child going through a divorce
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counseling a child going through a divorce

Have you recently gone through a divorce? Are there children involved? Have you noticed some changes in your child's personality since the divorce? Children are not always good at expressing their feelings. If you don't do something to help your child, he or she could become emotionally imbalanced and have difficulties in school and at home. Visit our site to learn how to get your child into counseling to learn how to open up and share his or her feelings. Hopefully, you can help your child find comfort during a very difficult time in his or her life and learn to deal with emotions properly.


counseling a child going through a divorce

The Unique Aspects Of Telehealth Counseling

Carter Mccoy

In this new age of technology, telehealth counseling has become an increasingly popular way to access mental health services. This form of counseling offers the same quality care as in-person therapy but with the extra convenience and safety of being conducted from home.

Take a closer look at some of the unique aspects of telehealth counseling that make it such an attractive option. 

Convenience and Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of telehealth counseling is its sheer convenience and flexibility. If you have a busy schedule or cannot leave your home due to physical limitations or other factors, telehealth allows you to access quality mental health care without worrying about travel time or scheduling conflicts.

You can conduct sessions from anywhere with an internet connection—from your living room couch to your favorite cafe. You also get access to a high level of flexibility, allowing you to schedule or reschedule sessions as needed. And if something comes up and you can't make your session, you can usually log in and view past sessions or messages from your therapist.

Reduced Stigma

For many people, especially those who are dealing with sensitive issues, such as addiction or trauma, being able to access help without leaving their homes can be incredibly helpful in reducing any stigma they may feel about seeking treatment. It also reduces any anxiety they may have regarding being seen at a therapist's office since all they have to do is log in from the privacy of their own home.

Teletherapy gives patients control over how much in-person contact they want to have with their therapist and provides them with more privacy than traditional in-person therapy does. And because you don't have to leave home to access care, it can be a more comfortable setting for people who find it difficult to open up in a clinical setting.

Cost Savings

Telehealth counseling can also save you money since you do not have to pay for travel expenses or copays associated with in-person therapy sessions. You only have to pay the cost of the session itself, which is typically lower than the cost of an in-person visit.

Additionally, if your insurance does not cover mental health services, many counselors offer sliding scale rates for teletherapy services which can make accessing care more affordable for those on a budget. They could also offer discounts for long-term packages or multiple sessions.

With its convenience and flexibility, reduced stigma, and cost savings potential, it's no wonder that more people are turning to telehealth counseling as an alternative to traditional in-person therapy sessions.

Whether you're looking for help managing stress levels or dealing with more serious mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, teletherapy could be just what you need to get back on track emotionally and mentally. 

Contact a local telehealth counseling service to learn more.