counseling a child going through a divorce
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counseling a child going through a divorce

Have you recently gone through a divorce? Are there children involved? Have you noticed some changes in your child's personality since the divorce? Children are not always good at expressing their feelings. If you don't do something to help your child, he or she could become emotionally imbalanced and have difficulties in school and at home. Visit our site to learn how to get your child into counseling to learn how to open up and share his or her feelings. Hopefully, you can help your child find comfort during a very difficult time in his or her life and learn to deal with emotions properly.


counseling a child going through a divorce

Can Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Help You Deal With Your Addiction?

Carter Mccoy

You can use different types of addiction therapy on your road to recovery. While it might be difficult to know which kind of counseling to choose at this stage, many people with addiction problems find that rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) has positive long-term effects.

How does REBT work and what are its benefits?

What Is REBT?

REBT helps you understand how your integral thoughts and beliefs affect your behavior and the decisions you make in life. These thoughts and beliefs often date back to your childhood, and you might not be aware of the long-lasting effects they have on your life.

In REBT terms, these patterns can cause a model of disturbance. This prevents you from making healthy, rational, positive, or self-caring decisions in your life.

During your sessions, your therapist will help you look at these patterns of behavior. You will learn what they are, when they typically happen, and what they mean to you.

You will then work together to understand how you usually react to these thoughts or feelings on emotional behavioral levels. During this part of the process, you learn how to rewire your reactions and behaviors to reduce the negative effects of these thoughts and feelings.

How Does REBT Help With Addiction Problems?

People who have an addiction often benefit from REBT. This kind of addiction counseling helps people find ways to modify their behavior and to learn how to make decisions that help them take better care of themselves.

For example, some people give in to their addictions when they come across triggers that take them back to entrenched thoughts and beliefs. If something happens to you that makes you feel negatively about yourself, then you might use that trigger as a step towards giving in to your addiction.

An REBT therapist can help you understand that these are negative thoughts and feelings. They can help you see that the beliefs and actions that you assign to them are not necessarily rational. They can help you find better ways to deal with them.

If you can break these negative cycles, then you might find it easier to get your addiction under control. If you replace negative thoughts and behavior with more positive ones, then you should find it easier to stay on track. If you understand why you do the things you do, then you'll find it easier to modify your behavior. You empower yourself.

To find out more about REBT and whether it might help you overcome your problems, contact a local counseling center, like Serenity Counseling Center NJ.