counseling a child going through a divorce
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counseling a child going through a divorce

Have you recently gone through a divorce? Are there children involved? Have you noticed some changes in your child's personality since the divorce? Children are not always good at expressing their feelings. If you don't do something to help your child, he or she could become emotionally imbalanced and have difficulties in school and at home. Visit our site to learn how to get your child into counseling to learn how to open up and share his or her feelings. Hopefully, you can help your child find comfort during a very difficult time in his or her life and learn to deal with emotions properly.


counseling a child going through a divorce

5 Signs That Your Teenager Is Depressed

Carter Mccoy

Depression can strike teenagers at any time. Depression is more than the occasional bad mood that affects most teenagers. Depression is characterized by overwhelming feelings of despair and sadness. Here are some critical things you should know about depression, so that you can spot the symptoms in your teenager.

Extreme Irritability

Being irritable is normal during the teen years. However, it is not normal for your teenager to be prone to a constant series of angry outbursts all the time. If your teenager seems to have become excessively hostile, then you should seek professional help.

Mysterious Aches And Pains

If you have taken your teenager to the doctor repeatedly because they complain of severe headaches or stomach pains that the doctor can find no medical reason for, this may be a symptom of depression. Depressed teens often have unexplainable headaches from worrying too much and stomach aches from avoiding food.

Withdrawing From Friends And Family

A depressed teen may start socializing less than they did before. You may also notice that your teenager starts to avoid talking with you and other family members. When teenagers begin isolating themselves in this way there is usually a problem. You may also notice that your teenager suddenly starts hanging out with a different set of friends while isolating former friends and family.

Romanticizing Death And Suicide

A depressed teen may begin to romanticize suicide and death. They may start joking about it or talking positively about death and dying. Teens that are on the creative side may start writing poems or drawing pictures about death and suicide. They may also use phrases such as, "I wish I was dead," or, "It would be better for everyone if I didn't exist." Phrases like these or ones that sound similar are indicators that your teenager is going through depression.

Increased Reckless Behavior

While teenagers will act out and try new and sometimes dangerous activities. It is not normal for your teenager to start engaging in a series of life threatening behavior. You should seek help for your teenager if this starts occurring, especially if they display several of the other symptoms mentioned above.

The teen years are one of the most complex periods in your child's life. While it is usually marked by periods of anxiety and moodiness for most teenagers, it is still important that you know when anxiety and mood swings cross over into the realm of depression, so that you can get help for your teenager. Contact an adolescent psychiatric treatment Indiana center for more information.